Eliminating Barriers so
Our Partners Succeed

Dependable access to renewable energy at competitive prices is critical to achieving our partners’ clean energy objectives. The goal of Crossover Energy Partners is to design cost-effective products that meet or exceed those targets. 

Capital That Drives Executional Certainty

Crossover Energy Partners works exclusively as the energy transition solutions partner for KKR.

As industry experts, we assist the KKR Infrastructure team by bringing the expertise and management needed for the origination, development, financing, construction, and long-term operation of clean energy projects.

This means that our prices are competitive, our offers are firm, and our power to execute leads the industry.

Partnering to Solve Tough Energy Challenges

The mission of Crossover Energy Partners is to support renewable energy initiatives and decarbonization goals for large energy users by designing cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Crossover Energy Partners specializes in solar, storage, and custom solutions.

We’ve assembled a hand-picked team of industry veterans with success in the development of over 10.5 GW in renewable energy and 11.7 GWh in storage projects.

Our partners include utilities, municipalities, co-ops, CCAs, IOUs, and large industrial entities.

Our Team

  • Tiago Sabino Dias
    Tiago Sabino Dias

    CEO, Founder

  • Mike Grunow
    Mike Grunow

    President, Founder

  • Beth Bremer
    Beth Bremer

    Manager, Energy Storage

  • Will Schneider
    Will Schneider

    Director, Business Development

  • Sophie Xu
    Sophie Xu

    Sr. Associate, Investments

  • Christine Restivo
    Christine Restivo

    Manager, Marketing

  • Vincent Su
    Vincent Su

    Sr. Associate, Investments

  • Nikos Bountas
    Nikos Bountas

    Sr. Associate, Business Development

  • Liz Studlick
    Liz Studlick

    Sr. Associate, Investments

Our Offices