Experience With the
Power to Execute

Crossover Energy Partners has an extensive track record in leading and supporting large renewable energy portfolios in diversified regions, technologies, and products.

We create solutions for you.

  • We create solutions for co-ops.
  • We achieve decarbonization goals for large energy users.
  • We ensure project delivery for municipalities.
  • We develop clean energy strategies for utilities.
  • We deliver long-term value to CCAs.

Innovation, Collaboration & Execution

Renewable energy is now mainstream and is rapidly moving into a new era of complex product offerings.

Crossover Energy Partners is at the forefront in their utilization beyond the traditional unit-contingent PPA.

Our team of renewable energy experts creates innovative solutions that pair storage technology with renewable projects and power marketing.

We collaborate with our development partners and investors to deliver premium long-term value to our clients.

Our exclusive relationship with KKR gives us an unrivaled ability to execute.

Team's Recent Experience

8,760 MWdc - Solar in MISO and SERC

Led an 8.8 MWdc solar portfolio in different development stages, including the execution of 700 MWdc of PPAs, 600 MWdc of BTAs, and 150 MWdc of project sales.

9,040 MWh - BESS Project Development

Led development, modeling, valuation and offtake efforts for four contracted projects (1,040 MWh) and nine late-stage development projects (8,000 MWh).

294 MWdc - US Distributed Generation

Managed the creation of a drop-down tax equity facility to enable efficient DG investing, while managing partnerships and portfolio companies resulting in 98 MWdc of contracted projects.

360 MW - Large-Scale BtM PV+BESS in NV

Led origination and development of the largest behind the meter solar + storage project in the US. Systems are under construction supporting two large data centers.

1,000 MW - Structured Products in CA, NV, and CO

Developed more than 1 GW of structured product opportunities for Muni and Co-Op customers with a 190 MW contracted fixed load. This pipeline was created with virtually no upfront development costs.

2,880 MWh - BESS M&A Support + Contracting

Led the procurement (Hardware, EPC, Long-Term Service Agreements, Insurance) across seven hybrid, standalone, and battery retrofit storage projects.